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Greentrees RV Park

Greentrees Village RV Park is available for guests of Greentrees Village residents only. It is open year round. To make reservations contact the Greentrees Village office, 541 997-8674 or email greentreesvillagehoa@gmail.com.

RV Park fees and regulations

Everyone using the Greentrees Village RV Park shall be a resident of Greentrees Village or the guest of a Greentrees resident. The resident shall make park reservations on behalf of their guest. The resident is ultimately responsible for their guest’s actions, fees or any damage they may cause.

Guests shall register with the Camp Host and pay the necessary fee at time of arrival. The Host will assign a space at that time.

RV Park guests shall follow the same rules as other Greentrees residents. The Park Host shall provide each guest with park rules. The Park Host shall have the authority to evict guests who do not follow park rules.

The maximum initial length of stay in the park is 14 days. A stay may be extended by the Park Host if openings are available and approved by the B.O.D. President.

RV guests may use the Clubhouse Family changing rooms and showers during business hours but no one under the age of eighteen shall use the Recreation Hall facilities, therapy pool, sauna, adult pool, exercise room or Coffee Room. Guests shall carry resident guest tags when using the facilities.

The current park rates are:

Water/Electric: $15.00 +1.35 tax = $16.35 per night
Full Service: $20.00 + 1.80 tax = $21.80 per night